We are True Vintage

True Vintage was created in 2014 by Rory Westbrook, a university student with a love of fashion. It came about through his passion for loud stand-out designs and the idea of wearing clothes that are different to anything you’ll see everyone else wearing. High street clothing had become a bit dull and lacked the quality of vintage. After plenty of trawling through the internet Rory realised there was a lack of stores offering a complete range of branded vintage.

Since 2014 we have come a long way. From the business running out of Rory’s university bedroom by himself, to now having 11 permanent members of staff (including friends and family) operating out of an office in South London, the success of Rory’s hard work has been evident.

Along the way, we have partnered with the likes of Tommy Hilfiger at their 2017 London Fashion Week event as well as hosting a series of pop-up events at various Urban Outfitters stores around the UK. On top of this we have collaborated with brands such as Polaroid and our friends over at MOB Kitchen.

We now consider ourselves to be at the forefront of the global vintage clothing market. Our core values remain, and that is to provide high quality vintage clothing from a variety of brands, and source rare and iconic pieces that you’d struggle to find anywhere else. While we are extremely proud of what we have achieved so far, we know we’ve got plenty more to offer. Stay tuned for some exciting times ahead with us.